What is an American Accent? And How to Learn It

What is an American accent? Is it possible to learn it? If yes, how? This article will answer these questions.

What is an American accent?

General American is a major accent of American English. It’s used in the United States and Canada. It’s one of the most widely recognized English accents, because of globally recognized American movies, music and mass media. General American differs a lot from British English or Australian English.

You can easily recognize someone speaking an American accent if he or she says “d” instead of “t” if “t” is between two vowels (like “better”, “water”, “computer”). It’s one of the most popular rules of American pronunciation.

Having an accent, like many other things, is a skill. And if something is a skill, you can learn it.

Now, what are the key components of an accent?

1. Intonation and rhythm
Intonation is a very important part of every accent. In American English, there are words called content words (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs) and words called structure words (articles, conjunctions, pronouns, prepositions). The first ones are stressed while the second ones usually aren’t. You should also learn how to intonate each word. When it comes to the rhythm, American English flows like a stream. It’s because many words are connected together, which leads us to the next point…

2. Connecting words together
If you want to sound like a native American speaker, you should learn how to connect words together. You can easily do it by paying attention to native speakers and imitating them. However, don’t speak too fast. It’s connecting words, not talking fast!

3. Pronunciation rules

It’s very important to learn how to pronounce each consonant, vowel and diphthong. American English isn’t easy when it comes to pronunciation rules (there are many exceptions) but if you spend some time studying it, you should eventually master it.

That’s it – an American accent! These three things are the most important components of American English.

Godzilla 2012: A New American Godzilla Movie

Godzilla is an internationally recognized icon, beloved by people all over the world. Created by Toho Pictures, Godzilla first appeared in the film Gojira in 1954. The monster was filmed using an actor in a large latex suit. The film was a huge success and ushered in a whole era of fantasy monster movies from Japan. Godzilla has appeared in 28 films in a career spanning more than 50 years.

1998 brought us the first ever Godzilla film made by an American studio. The Sony/Tri-star Production Godzilla starred Mathew Broderick and was directed by Roland Emmerich. The film was a financial success, but a disappointment with Godzilla fans. Godzilla’s character was drastically changed from his Japanese origins. It was a completely CGI created monster and looked less like a dinosaur and more like a giant iguana lizard. Also gone were Godzilla’s characteristic radioactive fire and invulnerability to military attack. This didn’t go unnoticed in Japan and in 2004’s Godzilla: Final Wars the Japanese Godzilla fights and easily defeats a CGI monster that closely resembled the American Godzilla, referred to as Zilla.

Now, it’s time for America to have another shot at making a Godzilla movie. In March, 2010, Legendary Pictures along with Warmer Brothers Studios announced they are co-producing a new Godzilla movie to be released in 2012. Past collaborations between the two studios have produced such hit movies as The Dark Knight, 300, and Inception. Godzilla fans will be happy to know that Legendary Pictures is keen on avoiding the mistakes of the past. The new movie will have no connection to the Sony film and remain true to the original character. Thomas Tull, chairman and CEO of Legendary Pictures is quoted as saying, “Godzilla is one of the world’s most powerful pop culture icons, and we at Legendary are thrilled to be able to create a modern epic based on this long-loved Toho franchise…Our plans are to produce the Godzilla that we, as fans, would want to see. We intend to do justice to those essential elements that have allowed this character to remain as pop-culturally relevant for as long as it has.” Legendary’s Thomas Tull and Jon Jashni are producing along with Dan Lin, Roy Lee, and Brian Rogers.

This film will be a 3D project, live-action, but with a CGI monster. It will also feature one or more monster opponents. In January, 2011, Legendary Pictures announced they had signed British director Gareth Edwards to helm the project. In October, 2010, the unknown, independent director released Monsters, a sci-fi movie about alien invaders. The movie was shot on a shoe-string budget with only five crew members, including two cast members. Edwards shot the movie himself. Though made on a small budget, the film had a big budget feel and got rave reviews and won Edwards several film awards. Edward’s background is in visual effects and he knows how to effectively use them to tell the story. Monsters used effects sparingly with only glimpses of the aliens through most of the film. The story focused squarely on the two human characters. Now Edwards will bring his fresh talents to work for Legendary on Godzilla, in what is sure to be a huge multi-million dollar picture. There are no details yet as to a script or writer.

Download and Watch American Gangster the Ethical Way

There are plenty of links you can find in order to download and watch American Gangster. The successful movie was uploaded by nearly every website dealing with video streaming and/or video downloading.

“American Gangster” was much anticipated, and the moment it was released, the copy was there online for downloading. In fact, the screener of the movie had appeared on the Internet even before the movie was released! Now, you can find its DVD-rip online without much of a hassle.

However, as you can figure it out, most of the sites, offering you to download and watch American Gangster for free, are simply illegal. They might excuse themselves by claiming they bear no responsibility of what links their users share. Quite often, you can see the disclaimer, saying that the site does not host any of the video materials; therefore, it does not violate copyright laws. But the truth is that there is a lot of copyright infringement going on and these sites choose to ignore it, because they are interested in attracting visitors and getting money from advertisements.

So, do not fool yourself thinking that people just share great free stuff out of generosity. More than 90% of all sites offering free movies, especially the latest ones, are harmful for your computer, installing malware to spy on your Internet surfing habits and even get your private info. Many will also try to make you click on their ads, even if you do not want to.

If you are on a file sharing network, more trouble adds to malware and pop-ups: virus attacks will be unavoidable, so all you have to rely on is your anti-virus program (which is never a 100% guarantee). In fact, it is quite possible to get your PC infected with the very first file you download from another user. So, if you have never tried it, happily keep being away from torrents.

To download and watch “American Gangster” the ethical way is possible, but it will not be free of cost. Sites, selling DVD quality movies legally, charge per movie download or per view. It is quite fair, but might not be affordable for a movie buff, who looks to watch a lot of movies on the Internet. There are ways to save, however, without risking your security and running into a trouble.

Take a minute to read my blog, which discovers the ethical, yet affordable ways to download and watch American Gangster.

No More American Visa For Muslims

Last Wednesday I got a pirated copy of just released movie “MY NAME IS KHAN “. After watching 2.40 hours movie, I got surprised that the stream of the movie was crystal clear. Though piracy has affected revenue but the film recorded a worldwide collection of estimated US $ 18 million for 1st week.

The movie is released at that time when a growing number of Muslims are victims of extra security checks and humiliations in international airports because of a recent attempt by a 23 year old Nigerian Muslim to blow a plane at Detroit airport on the Christmas day of 2009 and subsequent security checks have added an unexpected bonus to the film reason being that this movie has struck the minds of those who directly or indirectly faced harassment in airports only because of carrying a Muslim name would be enthusiastic to see the movie and it will increase the revenue of the film.

“MY NAME IS KHAN” is about racism and humiliation against Muslims after 9/11 attacks by Al-Qaeda upon America. The film has also an angle of losing and regaining love of Rizwan Khan (Shah Rukh Khan) and journey to America for bringing his love back. The movie is based on the fact that inconvenience is being caused by US security for those people who have a valid American visa but they carry a Muslim name like Khan, Muhammad, Rehman etc.

I too had such kind of experience when flying to America in 2006. Though I was carrying all legal documents like American Visa etc, But as I reached at the security checkpoint one officer pointed at me asked to follow him. I had to stay there for six long hours for embarrassing security checking before I could board another flight. At that time a thought “if my name had not been Khan I would not have missed the flight to Ohio”.

Most of the Thinkers feel why the west does not invest time and money in knowing the root cause of terrorism. Because it is not any community who is involving in terrorism, it is a handful of individuals who are doing this.

Speak American English Fluently – 3 Ways

Are you looking for some tips on how to learn to speak American English fluently? If so, you are in the right place! I’m going to show you three ways to learn and practice your American English skills. Here they are!

1. Music

Music is one of the best ways to learn a new language. It’s especially useful if you want to improve your American accent and vocabulary. I’m pretty sure that you know at least a few good American artists – listen to them a lot, pay attention to their pronunciation and imitate them (yes, sing along!). You can also translate songs to your native language – it will help you learn dozens of useful words, phrases and idioms.

2. Movies

Watching movies is another excellent way to work on your vocabulary and accent. Just find some good American movies with subtitles and imitate the actors. Make sure that the actors are native American speakers. You can also translate subtitles to your native language. Yes, it’s a lot of work, but it’s super effective and you’ll learn tons of useful words!

3. Podcasts

There are many free podcasts online, you can find them on iTunes. Just look for some podcasts about your interests, download them, upload on your MP3 player or cell phone and listen to them while doing something else like jogging or commuting. You’ll greatly improve your listening skills (but you need to concentrate while listening!) and you can also improve your accent – pay attention to pronunciation and intonation of the speakers.

That’s it – three ways to learn to speak American English fluently. Practice at least 30 minutes a day and you’ll quickly see great results. The more you practice, the better you are!

Bonus: 4. Get free lessons

Visit http://www.learnamericanaccenthq.com/ and sign up right now to get your FREE lessons on how to learn an American accent!

Some of the Greatest Movies About American Football

There are a multitude of films covering the topic or somehow involving American football, but the great ones are few and far between. Certain films about American football, however, have warranted much praise from critics and audiences alike.

The following is a list of some of the best movies about American football.

Any best of list would have to include 2009’s The Blind Side. Sandra Bullock may have won an Oscar, but the true hero in this story is no doubt is the left offensive tackle whom which the Tuohys housed. This is a must see film for the whole family.

I have nothing but fond memories of Varsity Blues, a coming of age comedy that exceeded most peoples expectations and somehow managed to leave its mark in the chronicles of football history movies. The West Canaan Coyotes left a lasting impression in my mind. Or maybe it was the whipped cream bikinis…

Another film that definitely has to make my list is Friday Night Lights. I have been meaning to start watching the television series, which many of my friends swear by, and if its anything like the movie, then consider me in.

Rudy is another football movie that 100 percent makes the cut. Rudy takes us back to a different time in Notre Dame football history and through one man’s remarkable journey to conquer his goals. Another movie that is suitable for the whole family.

Remember The Titans may oddly enough be my favorite Disney film of all. This movie is just awesome. If you have never seen this one, you are missing out. This film is one of Denzel Washington’s best performances as Herman Boone.

As it stands, this is the list. But with football movies coming out so often, it is bound to change eventually.